Smart Lighting needs more focus!

See you in the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona starting on 19 Nov.

    by  Dante Ricci    –   8 Nov. 2019

SAP, Signify and Axis Communications Showcase Smart Lighting at Smart Cities World Congress

It’s common knowledge that successful projects move beyond siloed approaches and technology, with a focus on transforming end to end services and delivering value to citizens at scale. But how can this be achieved? A good way to start is by asking the question before you ever embark on a project: When this new project is completed will it tangibly impact the way people live, work, and play and can it truly scale to accommodate the intended users?

The path forward is challenging for any smart city project. Geographical, political, demographic, economic, fiscal and cultural characteristics all mingle to create the unique blend that each city must work with. Each city must solve the dilemma between economic growth and livability. The way to do this is by becoming more intelligent about how city ecosystem stakeholders address what makes a difference for their citizens. Many forward leaning city ecosystem players (city government and private businesses that provide citizen services) are start with engaging both the business and citizen to truly understand the feasibility, opportunities, challenges and ultimately the end use experience for any given project. On their journey to becoming intelligent cities, they are embracing a technology roadmap that goes beyond siloed applications using fragmented data. Why? Because most cities around the globe realize digital technology combined with new thinking can be a key lever in for improving both operational models and the citizen experience. Cities are focusing on the projects that iteratively move their communities forward, deliver the fastest return on investment and deliver consumer grade experiences.

Many cities appear to be starting with smart lighting projects because they have a comparably fast payback period and a clear and high return on investment. In addition, smart lamp poles provide an underlying grid to connect information that’s valuable for intelligent governance for everything from safety to environmental, transportation and traffic management.

As a result, SAP, Axis and Signify will be presenting our point of view on smart lighting, public safety and traffic management next week at the annual Smart Cities World Congress from November 19-21 in Barcelona. During the event we will be hosting an interactive showcase to help attendees discover the power of Signify’s BrightSites Smart Poles and Smart Lighting solutions together with Axis video surveillance technology, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Machine Learning capabilities to enable city governments, utilities, transportation and other ecosystem industry partners improve livability in the community.

SAP, Signify, and Axis will be exhibiting in Hall 2, Level 0, Street B, Stand 215. I encourage you to stop by the interactive showcase to learn about the art of the possible with smart lighting and discuss how your organization can work together with the broader ecosystem to improve people’s lives in your city.

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden

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