Transforming Your Association


Your Association is changing …

because the needs and expectations of your membership are changing …

… and you are an actor to make this happen as:

# Chairman or member of governing body?

# the Secretary General?

# a section head or officer?

# a proactive member?

You now want to take steps to audit your membership to establish their priorities, or launch programs to address findings from a survey done.


However you face some obstacles you must overcome …


  • Priorities of newer members versus long established members
  • Awareness of past failed attempts to revisit your "offering to members"
  • Leadership & Vision or Consensus is lacking
  • Fear that your funding will be put in jeopardy if a new paradigm is adopted and implemented

Your association may want some help to address and overcome these obstacles.

Eukalypton is your resource & partner to build a transformation plan do this ….

… and to support you in practical ways …

… as far along the road as you want:

  • Survey your Membership and key Stakeholders – including those who fund you
  • Synthesize & analyze Survey findings
  • Draft action plans & programs to address key priorities
  • Define with you how to staff each transformation program to ensure convergence and consensus of you members and stakeholders
  • Support implementation of transformation programs in a supporting mode aiming to establish program autonomy and Eukalypton withdrawal ASAP

We work

on in a well-defined & agreed project management mode.

Our aim

is deliver on your objectives and ASAP to work ourselves out of the job you give us.

Eukalypton does not offer classic products or consulting services, I aim to provide support to empower my customers and make them autonomous. This may not be what’s most business-smart, but I think you’ll agree it’s what you want and is also somewhat distinctive.

Jonathan Woods

Founder & CEO, Eukalypton

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