What’s behind the name


Well, it’s kind of obvious that Eukalypton is a derivative of Eucalyptus, the tree named in 1788 by the French botanist Charles Louis L’Héritier de Brutelle.


He combined 2 Greek words
eu → “well”

kalyptos → “covered” or “concealed”

… because of the covering, or “calyx”, that initially conceals the flowers of this Australian tree family.


Eukalypton wants to be a well-concealed facilitation services provider that stands behind its customers, always working with and through them. We aim to work ourselves out of each job, hand over to you, so that your transformation may blossom, just like the Eukalyptus flower.

Eukalypton does not offer classic products or consulting services, I aim to provide support to empower my customers and make them autonomous. This may not be what’s most business-smart, but I think you’ll agree it’s what you want and is also somewhat distinctive.

Jonathan Woods

Founder & CEO, Eukalypton

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