Our way of working

This is how we want to work with you

Understand and confirm

… your needs, expectations and requirements:

a. We listen to you

b. We give you a verbal and a written synthesis of the need you expressed and your expected results

c. You clarify, add, subtract or fine-tune the expression of your need and the results you expect + any specific contraints.

d. We outline the detailed way we propose to work with you on this specific mission.

e. Together we agree the interim steps and deliverables, the scope and responsibilities of each individual in Eukalypton and in your company relative to this mission. Then we agree what to measure to gauge performance and how to address unforeseen situations and take the necessary decisions.


propose and present

… to you the final version of the step-by-step action plan with project milestones schedule and key resources required to address your need and deliver the results you expect.

Agree Together

… the final action plan, the schedule, the expenses, the schedule to review progress against plan … and sign a contract.



… the step-by-step action plan, designed to deliver intermediate as well as final full-project benefits.

Wrap-up & review

… the achievements against plan / contract.

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