Transforming Your City


Your City is getting ready for tomorrow …

and you are an actor to make this happen as:

# part of a municipal department or team?

# an elected official?

# an independent contributor?

You want to take one or more “smart” programs forward, but face some obstacles you must overcome …


  • A “wait & see” attitude
  • Awareness of past failures in your city or in others
  • Awareness that a City Data Management is vital and should be planned first
  • City siloes need to be dissolved and department be better integrated
  • Leadership & Vision or Consensus is lacking
  • Existing supply contracts are too expensive or difficult to renegotiate

Your organization may want & need some help to address and overcome these obstacles.

Eukalypton is your resource & partner to build a transformation plan do this …

… and to support you in practical ways …

… until you are ready to:

→ select potential suppliers,

→ issue tenders,

→ award contracts,

→ monitor implementation …

… for your chosen Smart City strategy programs.

We work

on in a well-defined & agreed project management mode.

Our aim

is deliver on your objectives and ASAP to work ourselves out of the job you give us.

Eukalypton does not offer classic products or consulting services, I aim to provide support to empower my customers and make them autonomous. This may not be what’s most business-smart, but I think you’ll agree it’s what you want and is also somewhat distinctive.

Jonathan Woods

Founder & CEO, Eukalypton

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