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We offer our services ...

… to facilitate your thinking and decision-making, your action planning and implementation … in order to help you transform & position your organization and to meet your goals … in a world which continues to change.

We offer these services – in Europe and in Africa – to:

  • CITIES wishing to put in place smart and sustainable solutions within a comprehensive vision for their city tomorrow.
  • BUSINESSES seeking growth with new customers, new markets and new suppliers … or to “pivot” their offerings to renew relevance & distinctiveness and to reignite engagement of existing customers.
  • NGOs facing changes in their membership, regulatory or funding environments.


Transform your city
Large and progressive cities have launched smart city investments, and some have been very successful, others less so. Eukalypton wishes to support you as your independent facilitator to work with your teams to define the smart city program best suited to your city’s needs.

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Transform your business

Businesses face periods of step change along their growth path. These periods often call for a fresh focus on how needs and expectations of existing customers have evolved and/or consideration of how to address new customer segments in new (national) markets. It may also be the time to to review your product-service range, how it should evolve and how best to promote it.
We are eager to understand the transformation challenges you are seeking to address and to offer you our support if we can be of genuine help.

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Transform your association

Associations live in a dynamic environment. Over time your membership expands and changes. So does the regulatory and funding environment in which you work. Eukalypton offers you facilitation services to address these challenges and opportunities, working with your staff and membership teams to determine and consensual action plan to be ready for tomorrow.

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Mentoring a West African Mobility Service start-up

Within the context of a Mentoring Program run by AFORD ABC Benin, Jonathan Woods provided a mentoring service to the founders of RMobility: a start-up company of that is deploying a mobility app and service designed for the specificities of West African mobility markets.

Throughout the period (September 2020 up until January 2021), Jonathan supported the team in weekly on-line meetings to develop, fine-tune and launch implementation their marketing and promotional strategies.

“Thanks to him, we discovered the strengths and the weaknesses of our existing strategy and together we gave greater value to our strengths and worked to correct the weaknesses”.

“In addition, our mentor was generous to open his address book to us by putting us in touch with actors who became essential partners. We are now working with efficient people who bring added value to our RMobility project.” –

Raynald Ballo

Founder & CEO , RAYNIS

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