So, who’s behind and inside Eukalypton?

Eukalypton was created in late 2018 by Jonathan Woods, and was launched in early 2019.

So far, he is the sole full-time actor.

Jonathan has an extensive and a very international pedigree in business – specifically in Business Development, Sales Team Development, B2B Marketing, Communications & Promotions working in Rockwell International, Schlumberger and Alstom.

He has lived in the USA, Switzerland, the UK, France and the Netherlands and traveled extensively. His interest in understanding cultures from the inside started early and led him to Study Anthropology before doing an MBA.

Prior to embarking on his Business Career, Jonathan worked for 4 years as Director of a Volunteer Agency in the UK. This taught him the importance of understanding the individual motivations of team members, when he took on a leadership role without the manager’s traditional arsenal of incentives and sanctions.

This is the expertise & experience that Jonathan brings to the TRANSFORMATION

... of CITIES

The core expertise that Jonathan brings to Cities is in urban mobility. Working in Alstom’s Transportation division for 20 years, Jonathan interacted with Transport Authorities and Industry bodies promoting mobility and developing schemes in cities around the world. Jonathan was an active member in UITP’s “Funding & Financing” Work Group and contributed to work on policy recommendation on how public investors in transport development could capture part of the resulting land value increases. Jonathan was also active in the Corporate Partnership Board of the International Transport Forum.

Beyond urban mobility, Jonathan continues to interact with smart city actors and organizations and follows developments in smart city technologies and new smart city programs.

Above all Jonathan brings dynamic and focused team facilitation skills to urban transformation projects and programs.

What we do for your CITY


Jonathan brings broad expertise in B2B Marketing, Promotions & Brand Communications, Sales team development and CRM application … all with a very strong customer focus.

In Rockwell International’s Graphic Systems Division, based in the UK, USA and France, Jonathan transformed the company’s product range to address customers requiring functions & performances valued and required outside the USA.

In Schlumberger, first in the Netherlands then in France, Jonathan developed new products and services for customers in the international Retail Petroleum sector.

In Alstom, Jonathan marketed products and services through large project contracts bringing focus and attention to the way responses to tenders for public transport solutions were crafted and tailored to the cultural specificities of each customer’s nation and city.

Jonathan was also a leader in designing and implementing the strategies to meet changing customer needs and competitor challenges.

What we do for your BUSINESS


After completing his BA in Anthropology in Durham University (UK) in 1976, and before doing his MBA, Jonathan spent just under 4 years as Director of “Folkus”, a Volunteer Agency (Not-for-Profit Association registered as a Charity) running 20 different projects benefiting the Durham community. This involved coordinating 400 registered volunteers and taking their individual motivations, skills and schedules into account, creative fundraising and general reporting to his steering committee and the charity’s Trustees.

The lessons learned and the interpersonal skills gained here served Jonathan throughout the rest of his career.

What we do for your ASSOCIATION

Jonathan will draw upon his extensive network of experts to staff projects undertaken for customers, aiming subsequently to recruit selected domain experts subsequently.

No Eukalypton contract will be signed without an explicit, detailed and verifiable profile list of selected experts to address the customer’s specific requirements.

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