Transforming Associations




Here, I will be posting and commenting articles – mainly in English and in French – that I find interesting and useful in illustrating way associations are transforming themselves to become more relevant to the evolving expectations of their stakeholders and more effective and efficient in their action. I’ll look also for stories about how associations are refocusing their mission to address new challenges.


A key focus will be on stories that show how associations transitioned from a somewhat complacent culture to a new culture embracing change and innovation.


If you want to send me an article that you have come across that does this, please do so and I will publish it here. My email address is:

Top five trends for harnessing data in 2019

From data storytelling to using data for good, James Eiloart from Tableau gives his take on the top trends in harnessing data as we head into 2019. Data storytelling is the new language of organisations Harnessing data 1: Data storytelling is the new language of...

Comment évoluent les difficultés des associations ?

L'étude permet de réaliser un état des lieux des difficultés rencontrées par les associations, mais aussi de leurs évolutions dans le temps. Pour cette 3 ème édition de la mesure des Difficultés , ses auteurs ont pu constater une augmentation très nette de la...

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